Vision – mission



Our company policy is based on supply process equipment servicing, maintenance, fabrication
and erection services, user demand fulfillment, environmental demand fulfillment, health and
safety assurance in process of company performance. Development of positive image of company,
continuous improvement of organizational, management and production processes.


Assure maximum quality of supplied services, reduce negative impact towards environment,
assure health and safety in process of company performance.


  • Assurance of integrated management system functionality and development according
    international standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007;
  • Company activities separated by processes;
  • Development of analytical data base for production quality control;
  • Reduction of contamination in process of production;
  • Orientation towards user, their requirements and demands, as well as strict fulfillment of
    legislation, environmental, health and safety requirements;
  • Involvement of company human resources into quality assurance as well as ecology and
    health and safety method fields;
  • Preventive attitude, allowing avoiding discrepancies, contamination and problems related
    to health and safety;
  • Organizes systematic approachfor purpose of implementation environmental protection,
    health and safety and quality management as united system of interrelated processes;
  • Striving for continuous improvementof company stability and profitability, increasing
    management system effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Clear establishment and distribution of function powers and responsibility limits for employees
    within their performance range. Development of conditions for qualification improvement;
  • Service and product suppliers mustalso fulfill established requirements for high quality product
    development, environmental protection and health and safety;
  • Inform society with regards to our policy and progress achieved during performance processes